Miko's Story

The saying "Just be nice" came about after volunteering at Sonrise Children's home in Jinja, Uganda. This orphanage has 8 children between the ages of 4 and 6. The children first live at the Sonrise Babies' Home until they are old enough to attend school, then they move to the children's home down the road.

Miko is one of the Sonrise children. She is rambunctious, aggressive and also very bright. At the age of two years Miko was found abandoned in a rural village outside of Jinja, Uganda. She was uncared for and malnourished. She had a distended stomach, yellowed hair and bad skin. Both her mother and father had died from AIDS. Miko was taken in at Sonrise Orphanage and given the chance to be part of an extended family and the opportunity for a future. Had she not been taken in when she was, she surely would not have lived much longer.

Today Miko is four years old and living at Sonrise Children's Home in Jinja. She is a normal kid that goes to school and likes to play with the other children at Sonrise. Miko would often hit the other children and the volunteers, which prompted us to tell her to "be nice". She took on this motto of "be nice" and would frequently say this while looking you directly in the eye and smacking you with her open palm! This really caught on with the other children and is recited multiple times a day at Sonrise.

It was these moments of "kids being kids" that made us realise that all of these rescued children had been given a second chance at life. As a result, the concept of all children "just being" something resonated with us. This is what inspired us to continue with our work in Uganda and the "be" campaign was born.

Throught the support of volunteers and sponsors, these children will have the chance to "be" anything they want to be.




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